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Moving to another country can be a very stressful time with so many decisions to be made and so many loose ends to tie up. We at Move to South Africa want to assist in making you move to our beautiful country as smooth and easy as possible. We offer a 1-stop portal for all immigration information and products.

Move to South Africa offers all the information that you will need for visas for South Africa, South Africa immigration, South Africa work permits and visa requirements. We also offer advice on movers, property and anything else that you may require.

South Africa VisasSouth Africa Visa & Permits

The South Africa visa requirements fall under business, volunteer, corporate, temporary, permanent, study, spousal and various other permits. Navigate through our site to find the permits and requirements that suit your situation.

South Africa RelocationSouth Africa Relocation

Before you land in South Africa you need to plan and make certain necessary appointments concerning accommodation; transport; educational institutions and international movers.

South African ImmigrationSouth Africa Immigration

South African immigration is split into 2 categories – temporary and permanent. Read more about what type of permits apply to each category.

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